Rescheduled: (We Are) Such Stuff: Good Day Sunshine


This event is not available for online booking,
please contact the Box Office.

PLEASE NOTE: This event has been rescheduled from it's original May 2020 dates to Thursday 3 & Friday 4 June 2021. For more information on bookings for the new date please contact Box Office at

Have you ever listened closely to the words of the song Eleanor Rigby? What are you told about her? Not very much. 

The play Good Day Sunshine  written by Such Stuff 's Lydia Lee attempts to create a character and bring her to life. Using snatches of Beatles songs to link the action, it will carry you along on a journey of changing emotions. 

Set in Liverpool, at the start of Beatlemania, a young girl who enjoys music and the latest fashions, meets a boy who she is convinced her mother would not approve of. So begins the start of a web of lies, with the inevitable ensuing consequences. 

The cast includes a lively, talented group of local youngsters- no strangers to the Maltings stage- who have been transported back to the swinging sixties when the play begins. Such Stuff stalwarts are also on hand to move the action on, along with live on stage musicians. 

Join us on a roller coaster "Ticket to Ride " to Penny Lane and other familiar places.