Postponed: Like Animals


This event is not available for online booking,
please contact the Box Office.

PLEASE NOTE: In light of the most recent Government announcement this event has now been postponed and a new date will be announced in the coming weeks. We apologise for any inconveniances caused - please contact Box Office at for more information on bookings.

Like Animals is a funny and poignant investigation into love and communication in human (and not so human) relationships. Inspired by true stories of research scientists working to communicate with animals and performed by a real couple, it blends surreal comedy with moments of genuine tenderness and vulnerability to explore the impossibility of ever truly knowing someone else.

The show weaves together two stories of human-animal communication experiments around a central narrative of performers Kim and Pete’s own relationship, glimpsing some of their miscommunications, missed signals and crossed wires along the way. We meet Peter the dolphin and Margaret - the woman who lived with him in a flooded house and tried to teach him English, as well as Alex the parrot and Irene the scientist, who worked together for thirty years and who every night said to each other ‘Be good, see you tomorrow, I love you.’

“A quirky, thought-provoking two-hander” - The Telegraph 4*

“Cleverly and deliberately entertaining ...a production that asks chewy questions”  - Herald Scotland 4*