In a New Light: Jeanne Moreau followed by a screening of Lift to the Scaffold


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In a New Light is returning for a third season, starting in September 2019. This course consists of 6 lectures, each lecture being followed by a movie screening. In the lectures, we look at the techniques used by the great film-makers such as Hitchcock and Scorsese, we look at the effect of new technologies on cinematic style in The Art of Widescreen Cinema, we consider how cinema both reflects and influences the cultural and political status quo, with Russian Cinema of the 1950's, and the Cinema of Palestine, and we look at an icon of World Cinema, with a feature on Jeanne Moreau. Each lecture is followed by the screening of a movie which illustrates and enriches the lecture content.

Already established as a stage actor, Jeanne Moreau had her film career break with Louis Malle's suspenseful first feature, Lift to the Scaffold(1958). In François Truffaut's Jules et Jim (1961) Moreau redefined femininity as carefree and unconventional leading character Catherine, and became a style icon for the French New Wave. The film also made her an international star. Her mesmerising screen presence led her to work with other renowned directors such as Michelangelo Antonioni (La Notte, 1961), Orson Welles (The Trial, 1962), Luis Bunuel (Diary of a Chambermaid, 1963) and Tony Richardson (Mademoiselle, 1966). In this introductory lecture, we will look at excerpts from some of her major performances, often praised for blending intelligence, audacity and aloof sensuality. This will also open a discussion on the art of the actor.

Louis Malle's debut film, made in 1958, is a classic film noir with Jeanne Moreau outstanding as the 
femme fatale. The film anticipates the New Wave and some of its ideas show up in Jean-Luc Godard's Breathless 2 years later. There is an interesting article here by Richard Brody in the New Yorker(Aug 2016) on the film and the Miles Davis score.

Lecture: The Art of Jeanne Moreau (Martine Pierquin) - 1.30pm
Film: Lift to the Scaffold (Louis Malle) - 2.45pm